The chemical industry's voluntary initiative Responsible Care ® was first conceived in Canada in 1985 to address public concerns about the manufacture, distribution and use of chemicals. Since 1992, when Agenda 21 was adopted at the Rio Earth Summit, the number of chemical industry associations embracing Responsible Care ® has grown from 6 to 47 countries.

Under Responsible Care ®, the worldwide chemical industry is committed to continual improvement in all aspects of health, safety and environmental performance and to open communication about its activities and achievements.

Responsible Care is more than a set of principles and declarations. Through the sharing of information and a rigorous system of checklists, performance indicators and verification procedures, it enables the industry to demonstrate how it has improved over the years and to develop policies for further improvement.

Extract from: International Council of Chemical Associations

In 1994, CAIA launched Responsible Care in South Africa to respond to public concerns about the manufacture, storage, transport, use, and disposal of chemicals.
CAIA's primary goals are:

  • to promote Responsible Care and to monitor its implementation.
  • to earn public trust for the chemical industry,
  • to improve the effectiveness of its advocacy initiatives with Government and NGOs,
  • to support education initiatives in science, engineering and technology,
  • to create maximum value for its member companies

Extract from: CAIA web-site

With the movement from Self-assessment to Third Party Conformity Assessment, we are proud to say that we have been involved in the CAIA development for future Third Party conformity services.

Thereby we can say that with our services you are in the best hands to have your Responsible Care System assessed for submission to CAIA.

Although we apply the basic principles of our usual audit process, the audit is not part of accredited audit services, however, CAIA approved.

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